It's Hot. Be Cool.
Looking for heat relief? Cooling bandanas rarely work, and personal cooling vests are bulky and expensive. When your body is subjected to heat stress, the neck cooling Black Ice provides is comfortable, affordable and refreshingly effective. Suffering from hot flashes, Multiple Sclerosis or night sweats? The Black Ice CCX Personal Cooling System gives you the heat relief you need.

Icing An Injury? Not Cool!
Ice therapy, hot and cold therapy-what's the best treatment for swelling? If you have a sports injury, elbow pain, tendonitis, foot pain, ankle pain, or lower back pain, Black Ice CoolTherapy provides effective relief at a soothingly comfortable temperature. Whether you have an acl tear, wrist pain, bursitis, arthritis, muscle spasms, a toothache, or you're dealing with surgery recovery, Black Ice CoolTherapy helps provide relief without the freezer burn you get from ice and gels.