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Hundreds of products promise long-term relief when it's hot, but how many deliver? The MS1 does—24/7. It takes the cooling power of the Cool Collar CCX-S and combines it with one of the best coolers on the market, the Black Ice UC1 UltraCooler, to provide refreshing, long-term cooling you have to feel to believe.

Cool And Refreshing
Bandanas provide very little tangible cooling, and electric contraptions offer even less. Based on MAT (Molecular Alloy Technology), Black Ice delivers a constant, regulated output of 57°F— a comfortable temperature that's refeshingly cool.

Going The Distance
Other products feel cool for just a few minutes, and most don't work at all in high humidity. Each Black Ice Personal Cooling Pack delivers regulated, 57°F cooling for up to 1.5 hours per recharge—regardless of humidity level.

Need 24/7 Cooling? Just Add Ice Water
Black Ice recharges in a freezer, refrigerator or ice water. Need your cooling on the go? MaxSys includes the UC1 UltraCooler, a tough six-pack sized soft-sided cooler. Just add ice water, and you can swap out packs anytime, anywhere—True 24/7 cooling!

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back pain
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knee pain
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