It's hot, and you know
cooling bandanas and battery- powered contraptions provide little help. If you're looking for true relief from the heat, the Black Ice Cool Collar CCX offers cool, refreshing, long lasting relief you can actually feel. Simply charge Black Ice in ice water, a freezer or refrigerator, and in as little as 20 minutes, this unique two-piece personal cooling system will provide up to 1.5 hours of refreshing, 57°F relief right where you want it most—on the back of your neck. Long day ahead? Keep an extra pack in a cooler of ice water, and you can swap packs for all-day relief.

The Black Ice Cool Collar CCX Personal Cooling System starts at only $34.95, and it comes in your choice of seven colors.

Black Ice Benefits
• Regulated 57°F cooling
• Quick 20 min. recharge
• Cools up to 1.5 hrs./charge
• Comfortable, lightweight
• 24/7 cooling available



oral/hand held
neck pain
sports injury
back pain
shoulder pain
knee pain
personal cooling I
personal cooling II
personal cooling III
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