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There are thousands of cold therapy products out there, and
they all have the same old problem—They're just too cold for
comfort. In fact, they're so cold you risk frostbite by using
them for more than 20 minutes at a time. With a regulated
52°F output, Black Ice can be used for as long as you need
it—and that's going to help you recover more quickly.

MCP Modular CoolTherapy Packs
The SHX uses the Black Ice Modular CoolTherapy Pack. Set to produce a temperature output of 52°F, the MCP can be used with most any Black Ice CoolTherapy product—saving money by allowing you to purchase additional wraps or packs to fit your needs.

Adjustable Pack placement
Every person is different, and that means your injury is as unique as you are. The SHX uses the Black Ice MCP (Modular CoolTherapy Pack). Several MCPs can be attached via hook & loop anchors in a variety of positions on the SHX Wrap, allowing you to precisely target your pain. Right Side, Left Side,Big, Small—You're Covered The SHX CoolTherapy Shoulder Wrap fits both left and right shoulders, and with adjustable straps, one size fits nearly every body size, small to large.


oral/hand held
neck pain
sports injury
back pain
shoulder pain
knee pain
personal cooling I
personal cooling II
personal cooling III
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