Back Pain Relief
Use it

Charge, mount, wrap.
Cold therapy was never this cool.

No skin barriers, no timers, no worries—Black Ice is as simple as it is cool. Just follow these easy steps and begin your recovery using effective and comfortable CoolTherapy.

Black Ice gives you three charging options*:

freezer: 1.5 hr.
refrigerator: 4 hr.
ice water: 1.5 hr.

Store your packs in the freezer or fridge
for instant access to CoolTherapy.
*charge times may vary slightly
keep packs flat while charging

Use the built-in hook-and-loop anchors to mount
your MCPs to the SHX CoolTherapy Wrap.

Place the wrap on your shoulder so the MCPs directly contact the area of pain (Black Ice works best against bare skin). Loop the large bands around your waist and attach to the front and rear of wrap. Use the small band to snug the wrap fit under your arm. Swap packs when needed.

Instructions (pdf)

oral/hand held
neck pain
sports injury
back pain
shoulder pain
knee pain
personal cooling I
personal cooling II
personal cooling III
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