Black Ice introduces the SHX CoolTherapy Shoulder Wrap!

If you have a shoulder injury, if you're recovering from rotator cuff surgery, or if you're just looking for a cold therapy product to help you recover from tennis, golf, pitching or other shoulder-intensive activity, Black Ice now has the product for you—the new SHX CoolTherapy Shoulder Wrap.

Like all Black Ice CoolTherapy products, this comfortable and easy-to-use shoulder wrap provides all the benefits of traditional cold therapy products—reduced swelling, reduced pain, quicker recovery—without prehistoric side effects like painful freezer burn, limited usage and potential frostbite.

The SHX uses the 52°F output Black Ice MCP Modular CoolTherapy Pack, so it offers two very important features you'll never find in an ice or frozen gel-based product—comfortable yet effective therapy and the option of using your CoolTherapy uninterrupted, for as long as you need it. And because the SHX uses the Black Ice MCP, you can precisely target your pain by placing your CoolTherapy exactly where you need it—whether it's using one MCP for a tiny little spot or six MCPs for your entire shoulder.

So if you have a sore shoulder, check out the Black Ice SHX CoolTherapy Shoulder Wrap. Starting at $89.95, it's likely to be the last cold therapy product you'll ever put on your shoulder.