Use it

Charge, mount, wrap.
Refreshing relief was never so cool.
Black Ice is as simple as it is cool. No batteries, no fans, no need to spray water here or there. Just follow three simple steps and enjoy refreshing, long lasting personal cooling.

Black Ice gives you three charging options*:

freezer: 1 hr.
refrigerator: 4 hr.
ice water: 20 min.

Store your packs in the freezer or fridge for instant access to personal cooling.
*charge times may vary slightly
keep packs flat while charging

Use the built-in hook-and-loop fasteners
to mount your CPX Personal Cooling Pack
to the CoolSwap Neck Wrap.

Place the System so the Personal Cooling Pack surface directly contacts the back of your neck. Adjust fit with the hook and loop tab. Swap packs when needed.

oral/hand held
neck pain
sports injury
back pain
shoulder pain
knee pain
personal cooling I
personal cooling II
personal cooling III
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